Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dorm Life

Tonight is my last night in the Spruce dorms at UArts. Its kind of bittersweet for me. I met a lot of cool people and reconnected with some old friends over the semester here. However, there were things I'd like to reflect on before I venture out to the beautiful three story walk up on Bainbridge that I'm staying at next semester. First off, I really missed on all the beautiful girls in the building. Just GODDAMNIT, it was an issue of Vogue everytime you got in the elevator. Either one of the stuck up, but really not stuck up dancers, the quirky and cute Art and Design chicks, even CMAC had quite a few lookers this semester. The only problem was that I was married my work this semester, advertised by my nappy haircut, carpal tunnel and migraine that I'm dealing with from crit week. I mean it was totally worth it going into critique sleep deprived and having them sing my praises when I thought I sucked. I'll have to focus some of that energy into the social life next semester, even I got a few leads to cultivate before I come back. The second one is living with a roommate. I been living with a Resident Assistant. He's a cool guy, I met him last year and we got along pretty well. I decided to live with him and people wondered "Why the FUCK, would you do that?". I kind of didn't get it when I first moved in. Knowing what I know now, I totally understand why people screamed that at me. He's an asshole but not intentionally. That doesn't completely excuse him, because the man looks 30 and uses the word "stupid" more than most children would use in a day. On top of that, I can't do something without some kind of commentary from him. I don't ask him for his opinion and it gets volunteered to me, I don't pay much mind to him. I mean had we not had the exact same schedule short of electives, I'd would have been cool but it too much for me this semester. However, I'm going to go to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow and look for my retainer, which is one thing this building is good for: last minute emergencies.

- The Artful Dodger


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